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Attention all students!

At long last—we, the student council, have won your freedom to love!

The moment I declare these words, my classmates come surging forward, surrounding me in a circle of cheers that echo across the entire campus.

Ever since its founding over one hundred years ago, the students of this academy have suffered under the oppressive yoke of the school’s ban on romantic relationship.

However, that century-old tradition had finally come to an end on this fateful day… as I became the hero of this school, lionized for generations to come.

Except I’d made one major miscalculation…

As the representative of the student body—I’m too swamped in work to get a girlfriend and enjoy a romance of my own! My abolishing of this ban was all for naught now. Still, if things get too out of control, things may revert to the way they once were…

All of a sudden, the beautiful new transfer student, an old friend, confesses to me.

“Will you teach me what love is?” -Koshimizu Kasumi, the gorgeous new transfer student.

And the very next day—

“Will you accept these feelings I have for you, Senpai?” -Kozuka Yui

I was confessed to by our sister-school’s charismatic student president Kozuka Yui

“You’re the only boy suited for someone as beautiful and perfect as I am!” -Yuuki Ayaka, the school idol.

Our sister-schools charismatic student president, and even the two time Miss Kenseikan school idol!

The head of the anti-romance faction, my vice president, looks me squarely in the eye, and declares—

“Let’s make our relationship as inappropriate as possible! My goal is to bring back the ban on romance!” -Yamabuki Yoshino, the student council vice president.

This “miscalculation” might have been the best mistake I ever made!

“I’m really happy to hear how you all feel about me, but I think we ought to get to know each other a little better first.” -Ninomiya Hajime, protagonist.

“Then I guess that makes me the obvious choice. After all, I’m the one who knows you best.” -Hanamori Shiori, the childhood friend.

Almost as if she’d been waiting for this moment, my childhood friend confesses her feelings for me.

Not long after the ban on romance is lifted, i find myself being chased by the most beautiful girls in school. As these girls vie for my affection, feelings of love soon begin to blossom


  • Pure Love Story
  • Beautiful Artstyle
  • Dating Sim Elements: Go on different dates with the heroines and raise their love stats!
  • Five adorable and cute heroine routes
  • Funny side characters and hilarious dialogue