Idol Puppet Ch01 Part2

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Title: Idol Puppet Ch01 Part2
Artist: Crimson
Language: English
Pages: 35
Format: PDF
Color: Full Color

“Why am I so sensitive!? I’m not a slut or anything!!”

Yua Hibino is an idol singer with a baby-face and a giant rack. At her agency’s suggestion, she acts like a “sex-crazed idol” in order to gain popularity, and she has become famous for her unbridled personality and inappropriate comments. Most of her fans believe that she really is as slutty of a girl as she appears to be in the media.

Behind the scenes, however, she’s suffering under the weight of the fake personality she has created for herself. She actually doesn’t have any experience with men whatsoever, and the gap between her real and fake personas is becoming a burden on her.

“It’s just my stage persona, nothing more…”

Just as she decides to call it quits with the fake act, a certain man appears before her: the CEO of her agency, Mr. Benoki. He makes a living out of managing female idols, and there’s more to him than meets the eye…

“I can manipulate women…”

The man takes a photo of Yua with his smartphone and starts giving her commands while touching the photo of Yua on his screen. Suddenly, a tingly jolt runs through her body, and she is overcome by a pleasure unlike she’s ever felt before. Her purity, which she had held on all this time, is taken from her in an instant…

Yua’s “sexy idol” persona is slowly stripped from her by the CEO and his magic smartphone!

Emperor Crimson brings you this story of eccentric ecstasy!