How to Raise a Wolf Girl

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Kousaka Shuuji’s life in the country is turned upside down the day he and his friend Kana find a mysterious girl in the mountains. As if it wasn’t odd enough to see a girl trapped in a cage, stranger still, she has wolf ears and a tail. When she finally manages to tell them her name, Sakuraba Iroha, they learn that she’s the girl who was spirited away from town ten years ago. Now more animal than girl, wild and unable to speak, Iroha proves to be a handful for Shuuji, and yet he finds himself falling in love with her fierce innocence.

But the torn pages of a calendar can never be restored, and Iroha will never regain her lost years. Her idyllic past behind her, Iroha now faces forward. Watching over her, Shuuji wonders to himself: What is it that makes me want to protect you? Iroha’s past is gone but not forgotten, and her future remains unknown. What will she and Shuuji make of it?


Sakuraba Iroha
CV: Yuzuhara MiuMysterious girl raised by a beastA mysterious girl who was found in the mountains, Iroha has wolf ears and a tail.She was an ordinary girl until she was spirited away ten years ago.Though she’s forgotten how to speak and lacks the book smarts you’d expect of someone her age, Iroha is a good, honest girl with a keen intellect.

Height: 147cm
Measurements: B76/W55/H78
Birthday: November 1, Scorpio
Blood Type: O

“Rawr! I like, head pat!”
Kagaya Kana
CV: Ayano MakoChildhood friend who comes on a little strongThe literal girl next door, Kana is Shuuji’s childhood friend.

Her grades are questionable, but she enjoys taking care of others and is a wonder around the house.

She loves Shuuji and never misses a chance to proclaim that she’s going to marry him someday.

Though Shuuji puts on a show of not being too thrilled about it, Kana showers him with love at every opportunity.Height: 155cm
Measurements: B86/W58/H85
Birthday: May 23, Gemini
Blood Type: B
“Maybe we aren’t going out, but you can still have your way with me if you want.”

Kotsugai Chihiro
CV: KanauWorld-weary classmateClassmates with both Shuuji and Kana, she is close enough with Kana to consider her a best friend.A little on the quiet side, she’s the unremarkable sort of girl who doesn’t like to stand out from the crowd.Chihiro is a regular at the convenience store where Shuuji works part-time.

Height: 158cm
Measurements: B91/W59/H86
Birthday: February 10, Aquarius
Blood Type: AB

“If you mean that, you should go to the infirmary.”

Kousaka Kotori
CV: Hayase YayoiLittle sister who wants to be treated like an adultShuuji’s kid sister, she’s gotten to the age where she tries to act mature and speak like an adult.

Around the same mental age as Iroha, she quickly befriends her and tries to show her the ropes.Though she can sometimes be selfish, Kotori is a kind girl who is considerate of others’ feelings.Height: 134cm
Measurements: B63/W50/H65
Birthday: May 10, Taurus
Blood Type: A
“Well, duh! I am a lady, after all!”

Kisaka Marin
CV: Sakuragawa MioSchool nurse/teacherThe nurse at Shuuji’s school, she rules the infirmary with an iron fist in a velvet glove.
She tends to take advantage of Shuuji’s helpfulness, often using him as a gofer.
Rather than a doctor, Marin is more of a researcher. She became the school’s nurse out of scientific curiosity to observe pubescent members of Homo sapiens in their natural habitat.Height: 160cm
Measurements: B88/W58/H88
Birthday: August 21, Leo
Blood Type: O
“An honest-to-goodness cryptid! You’re gonna let me dissect her, right?”



1 review for How to Raise a Wolf Girl

  1. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    A great game… heartfelt romance with two adorable girls. We have the naive Iroha, a girl who has lived apart from human civilization for most of her life, and is therefore very childish and naive, yet incredible adorable. And we have Kana, the childhood friend / girlfriend who is actually quite different than you might expect from looking at her.

    I got the game for Iroha, the titular wolf girl, but ended up falling in love with Kana as well. At first, Kana might seem like your typical tsundere childhood friend / love interest, but in fact she’s quite a bit more than that. She’s, in fact, very honest about her feelings, to the point where the opening scene of the game is her telling her father how she wants to marry you, right in front of you. She makes no effort to hide her feelings.

    Soon you meet Iroha, a girl with wolf ears, who has been living in a sort of different dimension for some ten years. At first she can’t even speak properly, but soon learns how to speak, throwing in adorable wolf sounds in throughout the entire game. She quickly falls in in love with you as well, and she knows enough from watching animals to know what it means to be your mate, so she’s not as naive as the main characters seem to think at first.

    None of the other characters have romance routes, unfortunately, but the two girls that do are quite worth it. H scenes are optional, but go ahead and bang both girls as often as you can, because this leads to a threesome ending which is definitely worth seeing. In fact, the fact that this game has a threesome ending, with no negative repercussions for pursuing both love interests equally, is one of the main reasons why I choose to give it five stars. The other reason being how much Kana won me over with her pure, unconditional love for the main character, and the heartfelt story about their background… as I already knew going in how much I’d like Iroha.

    I really like Kotori as well, but this isn’t a siscon game, so she’s not winnable. Go play Onii Kiss if you want a five star siscon game!

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