Haruka Hayama’s Monologue [w/Drama CD]

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Book Details

Title: Haruka Hayama’s Monologue
Circle: 20+1
Artist: Hatachi
Language: English
Pages: 141
Format: PDF
Color: Full color
Original Release: Winter Comic Market 91 (2016)

Bonus: Comes with a 7 track audio digital drama CD featuring Nachu Aizawa as Haruka.


Our protagonist is a poor student living by himself. While he has a part-time job to support himself, pretty soon his savings runs out. On the verge of starvation he goes to steal some cabbage to eat only to be discovered by the owner of the vegetable plot who is none other than his female kouhai! Unable to stand the pathetic state her senpai is in, his young kouhai, Haruka moves in to take care of him.