Hard Work – Original Soundtrack

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Featuring 15 tracks from the game in both lossy and lossless formats!

01. 「レッツ•ワーキング!」
02. Nothing Ever Happens
03. Man’s Struggle
04. Katya is Doing Something Stupid Again
05. All in a Day’s Work
06. Industricorp
07. Coffee Break
08. The Famous Romani
09. Team-Building Exercises
10. I Don’t Even Work Here
11. Serious Business
12. A Great Way to Kill Time
13. Getting Down to Business
14. Until Next Time
15. 「レッツ•ワーキング!」 Off-Vocal

Vocalist: Sakakibara Yui
Arrange: Yatoki Tsukasa (Arte Refact)
Vocal Direction: Yatoki Tsukasa (Arte Refact)
Recording, Mix Engineer: Kikuchi Tsukasa
Lyrics: Masaki Erika



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