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“Mihama Academy.” At a glance, it might seem a normal school; but this isolated learning environment is home to a mere five students, all female.

This changes with the arrival of Kazami Yuuji, a transfer student with an uncertain past and a highly idiosyncratic personality.

As Yuuji interacts with his five classmates, all borderline-eccentrics in their own right, they begin to influence each other in unexpected, meaningful ways…

But the deep-seated, painful wounds that have brought these five young women to Mihama are still a fact of their existence. And eventually, our protagonist can no longer remain a spectator.

Will Yuuji’s peculiar set of skills and experiences enable him to open his classmates’ stubbornly-sealed hearts…?



201 reviews for The Fruit of Grisaia ~Unrated Version~

  1. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Came here from watching the anime and it is one of my all time favorites, now I’m itching to get the full experience through the VN

  2. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    The Fruit of Grisaia (Grisaia no Kajitsu) is a 50-hour long (minimum) Visual Novel that follows the main character, Kazami Yuuji, as he enrolls at a private academy housing only five other students. This visual novel covers a wide variety of Genres, from Comedy, to Romance, and even to action at some later points. The visual novel is an experience, and all five routes were enjoyable, even if one or two of them weren’t to my tastes.

  3. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Fruit of Grisaia is a beautifully written, emotional and hilarious visual novel. Just about the best writing of any VN I’ve ever played and with very unique characters with interesting traits. Extremely deep with an enormous amount of content and fantastic value for money.

  4. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    This VN is in my top 3 favorites of all time. All of the routes are interesting and the humor is top notch as well.

  5. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    I don’t particularly like the ‘Slice of Life’ genre. The main route of this VN (which is a very small portion of the whole VN) is more or less Slice of Life, and it was difficult to read for more than 1 hour at time. Once I got into the heroine routes, that all changed and I was unable to stop reading. This is definitely a must read for anyone who enjoys visual novels.

  6. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Simply one of the best Visual Novels I’ve ever read. With its top notch writing and perfect cast of characters, I’d say that this is one of the visual novels I’d recommend to ANY VN reader.

  7. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    one of the best game ever

  8. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Love this game! First VN I’ve ever seriously played and I’ve never regretted it. Most memorable characters ever. Michiru is love. <3

  9. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    This VN although long was really amazing and a really good choice if you like psychological themes in your readings.

  10. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    This is the best VN i have ever played, everyone who likes VN or Anime should try this out.

  11. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    This was a really good Vn, Totally worth the money.

  12. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Fantastic series!

  13. Verified Owner (verified owner)


  14. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Common route slightly too long, but overall very good vn.

  15. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    this realy a good game

  16. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    The Fruit of Grisaia is an excellent VN compared to the anime, it has 5 routes all with good stories.

  17. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Not only dies this VN have an amazingly engaging cast and story, it fully embraces the more adult scenes and uses them to develop characters, not just provide fanservice. Very few adult VNs do so and it is heavily refreshing to see it done.

  18. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Probably the best title available on Denpasoft’s storefront. An unconventional VN that can be more or less boiled down to this phrase: “What if we took the average school romcom and replaced all of the characters with highly dysfunctional people that have all sorts psychological issues and mental illnesses?”

  19. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Contains all the ingredients of a great VN as far as i’m concerned (suspenseful, interesting characters/story etc…). Could not be happier with the purchase and I believe most others would say the same.

  20. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    The Fruit of Grisaia is without a doubt one of the best VNs I have played to date. It is cute, charming, funny and knows how to pull at your heart strings.Despite Denpasoft advertising the sexual aspects of the game, they are actually few and far between within the game itself. The first 25-30 hours of the game, maybe a little more depending, are slice of life interactions with the characters. Getting to know them, laughing joking, honestly it all feels like a bunch of friends. The game is genuinely heart felt and is most definitely worth the full price. I still have yet to even reach the scenes mentioned on the store page, but I think I might be close. I easily give this VN 5 stars.

  21. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    A great VN, full of humour, feelings and some gruesome moments.

  22. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Just anime first if you’re not sure if you want to buy.

  23. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    As the title states, The Fruit of Grisaia (and the Grisaia series) is the all-around best VN I’ve encountered. Every character is well-designed with distinct personalities, the story balances comedy and mature themes extremely well, and by the end of the VN, you’ll truly care about these characters. PS, Sachi best girl

  24. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    First VN I played and I liked it alot.

  25. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    I watched the Anime of this VN years ago and really wanted play this game. And I’d say it’s impressive.

  26. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Characters are really memorable <3

  27. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Long and really thrilling story, loved it!

  28. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    By far the greatest VN i have ever played. it makes me sad that i cant play this great game over and over since i already know whats going to happen. This game has everything from tragic moments to best girl moments.

  29. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    This was one of the first Visual Novels I read, but it is still one of my most memorable and still holds a spot in all of my favorite Vn’s.If you like a good story and characters with a interesting backstory’s albeit most of them fairly tragic, then you’ll love this Visual Novel.

  30. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    This was one of my favorite visual novels and anime of all time, this game has a great balance of good story sticking very close to the original source if not spot on, great romance choices, an even good comedy. Each of your romance options has multiple endings which gives you a drive to do all of them.

  31. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Hoooooooo boy , let me say this. If you are someone who can be disturbed easily, I would recommend being careful about purchasing this visual novel. However, the experience you get from reading this is something else.With out a doubt you should play this visual novel. The storyEEs behind each of the heroines are well-written, extensive and emotional. Certain routes may strike a chord, depending on what you find disturbing. About the appearance of the visual novel, the art of the backdrops, sprites and CGEEs are done with high detail, it helps you get a little more immersed in the experience.

  32. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Once I got into Visual novels, I already heard so many things about the “Grisaia series” that I had to sit down and play it. I was awed by the production value of this game. It is probably the most well but together visual novel I’ve ever played. It just looks amazing. The art is stellar with memorable CG’s and character sprites as well. The story is very compelling with many hilarious moments as well as highly emotional moments as well. I would defiantly recommend giving this game and series a shot.

  33. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    I sort of enjoyed the anime just a bit more because of how the routes connected, but it’s nice to see where it originated from. Sachi’s route was my favorite.

  34. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    My favorite vn so far. With great girls and beautiful endings.

  35. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Well written, interesting plot lines and characters you care about. It is one of the best visual novels ever made.

  36. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Le Fruit De La Grisaia is by far one of the most enrapturing reads I have ever experienced. The story is phenomenal, making each character someone you can connect to while at the same time being able to have a story that almost no-one would ever be able to relate to, the writer wasn’t afraid to leap into the dark side that every life has and I have nothing but respect for their doing exactly that, the music accompanied the story so well I actually found myself looking into purchasing a piano just so that I might be able to learn the more beautiful and touching songs that spoke to me, and the art is some of the most best I’ve ever seen, I’d find myself mindlessly staring at some scenes simply because the artist captured a sunset so perfectly or because through an image alone you could almost hear the conversations that were happening by two people taking shelter from a storm under a bridge. I gladly will give this 5/5 and I firmly believe I will never be able to forget this story.

  37. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Its one of the great trilogy we got in released in English

  38. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    I’ll admit I missed out a little because I watched the anime first but this was still a great experience. Though the plot doesn’t actually get rolling until 80% of the way through the game its still amazing when it does. The art is also really well done. Only complaint is that the best content isn’t spread out, it’s at the very end and you need to go through 40 hours of arcs just to get there.

  39. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    The beginning of a trilogy of games that stand with some of the top vns in the world. This journey starts innocently enough but only escalates from here. Join Yuuji on his road to becoming a regular person starting at this irregular school for the forgotten.

  40. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Beginning of the Grisaia Trilogy, Seems like a normal school oh but wait your surrounded by women is that a good or bad thing? That’s up for you to decide while you go through the journey.

  41. Verified Owner (verified owner)


  42. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    I came to buy the VN because I loved the anime, wasn’t disappointed. They cut out A LOT to make the anime, and it is really good content.

  43. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    This was the second visual novel I ever tried out and it was simply amazing

  44. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    The Fruit of Grisaia is an excellent visual novel, more often than not the stories of each of the girls are heartrending. The one that hit me the hardest was Amane’s, but I won’t go into why, as it would be a major spoiler. All of the game is very well written and the voice actors are very very good.

  45. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    This VN yanks at the heartstrings in the best possible ways. It is a shining example of the strengths of this medium. The sex scenes can feel out of place, and sometimes I just didn’t want to go through with it, but when it needed to be 18+, it was totally fine, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. This raised the bar for all VNs I read. It’s a must buy, but feel no shame in playing the censored version, I get that some people don’t want that.

  46. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Would replay this vn again and again over the anime version.

  47. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    very good story/characters

  48. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    big boobs and lolis lolis and big boobs WHAT DO I CHOSE screw it i will take them all

  49. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    The common route is both the best and worst part of the story. If you like long common routes with tons of filler then you’ll be able to enjoy through to the routes all of which are good. Otherwise you might have too much trouble just getting through the common which would suck. The routes are all very enjoyable although at times a little forced.

  50. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    This Visual Novel is the start of a great trilogy. And as the first in the series it does a lot of good things. The art and eroge is excellent. The music is great. The voice acting is amazing.You are a high school boy, going to a little different than a normal school. Your classmates are 4 girls, that you’ll get to know and learn some interesting stuff about. As there are 4 girls, there are 4 routes to go through. Which makes the game pretty lengthy at about 35 hours.I recommend to read this without spoiling yourself and i recommend this game alot. One of the best translated Visual Novels out there.

  51. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Excellent visual novel with a lot of hearth put to each character!

  52. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    One of the best vns i have ever played with a great mix of comedy drama action and romance.

  53. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    I can clearly state that this is one of the best VN ever released. Awesome Characters and story. Top 10 in my head

  54. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    The first in the Grisaia series is easily one of the greatest stories told in visual novel format. A world of anime tropes is invaded by a hard-nosed realist who hands out keen observations on the goings-on around him to the reader in a very entertaining style. The common route is very funny and endearing while doing a perfect job at fleshing out the characters and making them stick in the reader’s mind even years after reading. The image of nostalgia is these characters sitting around in the common room shooting the breeze about all sorts of minutiae. The individual routes themselves all slowly escalate in surprising ways and each heroine becomes sympathetic and lovable in ways you wouldn’t expect. A must-read.

  55. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    One of the best VN’s out there. Hands down.

  56. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    The first installment of the Grisaia series is filled with clever humor, great characters, and emotional stories that when all combined make it an incredibly emotional experience.

  57. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    I watched this via the anime first and really fell in love with the storyline and the characters. Even though I knew the general story already, I still found so much enjoyment in so many ways from this visual novel. Each girl makes you feel so many different emotions and just every part of this is absolutely worth it. You get so much storyline, visuals, feels… the only real thing you will feel like you’ve lost is fl… >.>

  58. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    One of the best VN I ever read

  59. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Watched the anime and found out about it had a VN so here i am buying it and playing it right away !!!

  60. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    A few years ago, I saw the anime adaptation and I really liked it. Now that I read the VN, I must say it is now one of my favorites. Worth every minute. And, of course, there are a lot of waifus.

  61. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    It takes quite a while to get really into the meat of it, but it’s well worth it. One of the highest quality productions on a VN out there. Really worth the buy.

  62. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Just buy it.

  63. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    I’d like to preface my review by saying that I was originally tipped off about this VN in the comments while I watching the anime, which I loved. I was getting really tired of generic harem MCs in anime, so seeing an anime that had an actual competent MC that was both intelligent and funny was super refreshing. Unfortunately at the time of watching the anime I didn’t have a PC so I wasn’t able to pick up the VN. Fastforward to now, and I’m so glad I built my PC so that I could finally experience this VN.I don’t have too much experience with VNs but this being one of the 5 or so VNs that I’ve read to completion, I have to say The Fruit of Grisaia is fantastic. The characters all felt unique. At first glance you’d probably see a maid, a loli, a tsundere, a big breasted girl, and a loner but Grisaia actually made them feel like characters and not just the tropes that their characters are based on. The humor and all the gags were actually really enjoyable and there were a lot of really memorable moments in the common route. Once you hit the specific heroine routes is where the story really just blew me away. I have a few minor personal gripes, but nothing that I think is worth mentioning. Totally worth every dollar I spent. Definitely worth a read.

  64. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    One of the best VNs I have ever read. Engrossing story, engaging characters. Just buy it!

  65. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Story,characters,art all are 10/10.Buy it.

  66. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Great plot, awesome characters that you will fall in love with, so much to say that it all can’t fit in this review. Highly recommended that you play this game and its sequels. One of the best VN series out there.

  67. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    This is one of the best Visual Novels I’ve ever read and I have no regrets.

  68. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    The story make you happy

  69. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Art style, voice acting and story are all very good. Most likely the most best VN I have thus far played.

  70. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    This VN is one of the best that i’ve played.

  71. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    The Best novel denpa has to offer and on of the best around the world

  72. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    I also have the same opinion everyone else has on this page… the game is very long and quite fun to read.If you enjoyed the anime of this series then without a doubt this game is for you.This game has so much more to offer compared to the anime which had to cut out many amusing banter between the Main character and his classmates

  73. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    First off let me be forward by saying that I watched the anime before going into this and probably a skewed view of this series, that being said I think it only helped making this game that much more enjoyable for me. Fruit of the Grisaia has some really witty humor and the translation of it manages to stay pretty relatable even for international readers. From genital humor, to making light of issues that other countries face, it really shows that the writers behind this have a great understanding of the world it’s taking place in. The characters never feel one dimensional, and always act like you’d expect they would given the situation they find themselves in. THe most interesting has to be Yuuji. He’s shown to understand things from different perspectives and act and speak in a sudo japan/american style. Hinting at developments from his time overseas. The interactions of the characters between one another always feels meaningful, and never feels dull. Like me if you watched the anime first you’ll be caught off guard when as the story follows what you already know, a few things that weren’t in it come along. The endings for each character are very touching and manage to successfully explore and fledge out the concepts that every girl embodies. You feel with the characters as they overcome the struggles they go through. With this I can say with certainty that this game is worth the time investment of 50+ hours.

  74. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Very long and entertaining visual novel with many great characters with very interesting backstories. If you give this VN a chance, you’ll be greatly rewarded. 🙂

  75. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Came in expecting a good visual novel. Came out experiencing one of the best stories and characters in a VN ever.

  76. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    The Fruit of Grisaia and its sequels (Labyrinth of Grisaia and Eden of Grisaia) is by far the best VN series I have ever played. Would highly recommend to anyone, even those who aren’t normally fans of VNs. Would rate 6/5 if I could.Also Michiru is best girl of all time.

  77. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    This VN is one of the best I’ve ever played. I’d highly recommend it for anyone looking for something that has multiple routes that are all a good read. Its hard to pick a best girl because all the characters are great.

  78. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    One of the best visual novels I have played, highly recommended

  79. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    What a game. I really love Yumiko.

  80. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    I have re-read this VN plenty of times and it is a long one. I have enjoyed this VN series so much I have purchased this game on a few platforms without me thinking it twice over. You will have a great time reading this VN as I have had.

  81. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    I really love how fun and enjoyable this game is, even though it may be long its really worth your time.

  82. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Love the art, girls and story. A must if ever there was one.

  83. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    This one’s got everything you’d ever want out of a visual novel. Highly developed characters, interesting story, beautiful artwork, nice voice acting, good music, and so much content it’s worth your money twice over.Not to mention, the translation is stellar too. Puts other visual novel localizations to shame. Really good job.

  84. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Grisaia is a lovely game

  85. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Had no idea what I was getting into. Turned out to be very entertaining. I was so engrossed in the deep story lines, I forgot I was originally there for H-scenes. Well worth the purchase.

  86. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    its ok

  87. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    A true classic in the VN genre, this game has everything you could want.Writing/Story: Hilarious and MovingTranslation: Spot-onArt: GorgeousCharacters: WonderfulWhat more could you ask for?

  88. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Very long visual novel. Seriously. The MC can yammer on about things forever.

  89. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Probably the best VN I have played. Granted I have pretty much only played a dozen but still. Great storytelling that keeps you guessing, mysterious pasts for all, I cried, I laughed, I felt anxious and fearful, happy and joyful, disgusted and aroused. This game definitely has some bang for your buck, at only ~30 bucks you get to play 100+ hours if you want to see all the good endings.

  90. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Very entertaining. Has a huge amount of content and each individual route is very detailed and long. Very much worth the price.

  91. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Hilarious game with a great MC. Enjoyed all of the heroine routes

  92. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    ‘+ Very long (easily more than 50 hours)+ Great colorful art at 1024×576 native resolution+ H-scenes+ Full voice acting (except for the protagonist)+ Funny+ Likable characters with good character development across the whole story- Mosaic censoring- Mediocre soundtrackIn summary: a great starting point for Grisaia franchise!

  93. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    One of the most beautiful VN:s out there!

  94. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Worth buying full price or on sale! Also better than the steam version, great pickup!

  95. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    watched the show before i played the game which turned out to be a mistakegame is different in a good wayyour actually paying what the game is worth, takes a while to complete and the story is complex art is amazinga must-get for everyone who enjoys vn’s, not just for the h-scenes

  96. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Gotta love it

  97. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Great jokes and plot!

  98. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Grisaia was exactly what I expected when I got it. The humor actually made me laugh most of the time and most of the stories were interesting. It’s not perfect, but I’d still totally recommend it!Michiru is best girl.

  99. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Good story

  100. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    This is probably my favorite VN that I’ve played thus far. Well worth the purchase, but it’s a bit of a time vampire. Hoodie Sachi best girl

  101. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    The title of this review says it all. The writing in this VN is truly exceptional. The way it subverts genre tropes is very creative. It is very long, but never felt like it dragged on. The long length of the common route really lets you get attached to the characters. The lighthearted first half does a great job setting the reader up for the darker themes that gut punch them in the character routes. I highly recommend this to anyone who loves anime. You owe it to yourself to experience this story.

  102. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    This game is definitely an interesting one. The story really absorbs you, highly recommended.

  103. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Really good.

  104. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    The longest and best written VN I’ve played so far. Probably the best 39 dollars spent of my life.

  105. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Although expensive, this vn is good and had many hours of content to read through

  106. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    My first visual novel from denpasoft and I very much enjoyed the story. Sound and effects were also wonderful!

  107. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    A very well written visual novel.

  108. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Amazing story.

  109. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    V good mayne

  110. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Don’t look, just buy it

  111. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    One of the all time greats

  112. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Even if you have watched the anime (like myself) already this still offers new experiences more than not and is way better then the anime do not think twice this is one of the best VNs on the market

  113. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    played every arc from this Novel :), you will love it be sure about that. Only downside is that you don’t like the anime anymore if you played the Visual Novel. But the Novel is definetly worth it!

  114. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed this game. I haven’t played the uncensored version, only the Steam version, but I will definitely look forward to trying out this version just to see what the differences are, as well as finally playing the other games as I haven’t played them yet and I’m assuming that the uncensored version will have more content.

  115. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    great story, truly end up caring for each of these girls deeply. lives up to the hype and then some!

  116. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Such a good game, I liked it a lot. I absolutely recommend it and i just have finished the first route!

  117. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Really good novel, a lot better than the anime, is pretty long and also has a pretty good story and characters

  118. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Darn fine story and I don’t regret nothing

  119. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    The first game in one of the best VN series. Highly recommended.

  120. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    One of my favorite VN all time! The story/ characters are great

  121. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    One of the Best Visual Novels of all time. It is a must to play/read this if you are in to this type of genre

  122. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Probably the best story a VN can provide. All the characters are great and well flushed out but Makina has to be my favorite

  123. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Great game, well made

  124. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Well worth the price even without a discount.

  125. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Classic, not much else to say about all 3 games in this trilogy, they’re a def must play on list of greatest vn’s, just waiting for a Fate/Stay Night remake……..

  126. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Amazing visual novel, plenty of game time and interesting characters. A must pick up title

  127. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Absolutely loved all the routes and really enjoyed both the humor and drama portions of this vn. Would absolutely recommend; such a classic

  128. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Without a doubt, the best story to any visual novel series out there. Worth every cent.

  129. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    One of my alltime favourite VNs, it has some of the best characters and an interesting protagonist. A must-have.

  130. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Top notch character design, 10/10. Must play.

  131. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    I bought the game twice (first on Steam and now there on Denpa), and it was probably the best decision in my entire life. Definitely one of the greatest visual novels ever.
    Yumiko best girl btw.

  132. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Great characters and story

  133. Verified Owner (verified owner)


  134. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    lovable characters and interesting characters

  135. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Great characters and story

  136. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    The writing is head and shoulders above anything else on this site. The characters are complex, flawed, and beautiful inside and out. It’s a classic for a reason.

    Be forewarned, though the images are tame, the writing in some of the more violent scenes can be graphic.

  137. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Bought all 3 on sale, love the series. Great translation, but maybe wait until sale to buy.

  138. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Agree with what everyone else is saying. One of the best purchases you can make here.

  139. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Great vn

  140. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Incredible game, good story lines with a varied cast of characters, and to top it all off it is funny as hell. 10/10 must read

  141. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    ONe of the best and worth visual novels

  142. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    I’ve spent the last few weeks playing the steam version and have been thoroughly enjoying it

  143. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Each route has such an amazing story. Totally worth it!

  144. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    One of the best novels I read. The entire series is worth the cost, and the time.

  145. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    ill give it a 5 star cuz i was able to download, play, and enjoy the game

  146. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Simply fantastic! Great story, great routes. It really is a big emotional rollercoaster too on quite a few routes and doesn’t get boring at all!

  147. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    A really great start to a fantastic series

  148. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    One of my favorite visual novels with a great story and very likable characters

  149. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    great VN.

  150. Verified Owner (verified owner)


  151. Verified Owner (verified owner)


  152. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Really great VN. Although the common route can be a bit boring at times the route of each character is great. The characters are pretty likable and it only get’s better once you get to know there back stories. I’ve watched the anime first and then decided that I certainly have to play the VN and it certainly doesn’t disappoint.

  153. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    realy good game

  154. Verified Owner (verified owner)


  155. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Well worth it’s money.
    Excellent voice acting.
    All characters are really likable, after you get behind their character.
    This novel however, is not only 18+ because of lewd content.
    It tells a story of people with pretty serious problems in their life that cripple their personality.
    So there is a lot to work through.
    1 technical issue: The auto mode speed adjustment for paragraph length is awful. It’s too slow or too fast, but never right. So I ended up scrolling through it manually most of the time.
    The only really negative thing for me, were the unclear decisions that you can make throughout the character routes.
    It’s not always clear, which choice will lead to a good or bad ending or which decisions will impact the outcome in the first place.
    And bad endings can REALLY get under your skin.
    So I would actually recommend this to “real” adults. Jut because of the themes and the IRL problems it depicts.
    40-60 hours.
    Very nice GCs. Can recommend.

  156. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    First visual novel that I ever tried. Was not disappointed.

  157. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Great VN, the different routes are enjoyable and vary from eachother wildly.

  158. Verified Owner (verified owner)


  159. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Guns, sex, anime and a good story.

  160. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    What a great VN. Great characters with deep personal problems, and great art and music. Totally worth it.

  161. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Very long, very good. Characters are likeable, and different routes reveal character backstories so you see everyone a little differently after each route. As a whole, H-scenes are integrated into the story pretty well instead of thrown in, which is nice.

  162. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Amazing VN with a complex, beautiful story and realistic characters built up beautifully before the thrilling climax.

  163. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    One of the rare cases where you actually are just as invested in the story as you are in getting to the “good” stuff. Well written characters, interesting plot, good voice acting and nice art.

  164. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Very nice

  165. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    well written, each character is interesting, even the protagonist himself!

  166. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Honestly went in expecting very little and got a lot of actually interesting story and characters!

  167. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    You’re in for a treat. Steep price, but well worth it.

  168. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    great game

  169. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    The story may be very relaxing and fun for the first good hunk, but it gets very emotional once the routes begin branching off. I cry evertim.

  170. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    The third visual novel I ever played. Became interested after watching the anime adaptation and the novel exceeded my expectations. I’ve played all but one route and was very satisfied with my purchase. Each route has a good amount of drama, with H scenes mostly serving as a release for tension or a complement to the tension. There was a lot to like about each heroine and I really recommend players to spend the time to go through multiple routes as each deepens the character of the cast members. Character art and voice acting all presented at a very high quality.

  171. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    All I can say is Yumiko is best girl

  172. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Great story

  173. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Game is amazing, Great story and characters

  174. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Worth the purchase

  175. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    A must have for any Visual Novel fans

  176. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Its one the best stories that I’ve seen in a visual novel.

  177. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Great stories to go through, especially after watching the anime.

  178. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    One of my favorite visual novels.

  179. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    great visual novel

  180. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Excellent VN combining Action, Comedy and Romance. If you like badass protagonists and lovable waifus it is a must!

  181. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Great story, lots of enjoyable humor, diverse routes

  182. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    One of the best visual novels.

  183. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Fantastic story and great routes. would definitely recommend to any visual novel enthusiasts.

  184. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Much love to this game with a compelling story, the right amount of hentai, and action in the best of ways when necessary. The best H visual novel out there, a must!! (Along with its trilogy, since after this, you would want to watch more)

  185. Verified Owner (verified owner)


  186. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Gold standard for visual novels. If you only ever play one VN, make it this.

  187. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Great VN, very long story and routes, worth buying.

  188. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    One of the Best Visual Novels I played so far !! 🙂

  189. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Great story

  190. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    my favorite vn, comedy, romance and all routes for each girl is very unique

  191. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Great VN for beginners

  192. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    This was my very first VN though it has taken me this long to review it. The whole trilogy is an excellent blending of Drama, Comedy, Romance, and at times Tragedy. Perhaps it is in part because it was the first VN I played but it has always been my favorite and while the anime for it is good, it is hardly comparable to how good the VN is.

  193. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    This was an amazing series! I have seen the anime before playing this, but I enjoyed some of the aspects that you wouldn’t have gotten on the anime. Great story! Would recommend!

  194. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    good story

  195. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    An amazing VN. The story is very well written and characters are interesting.

  196. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Good story and “Plot” that makes this a must play.

  197. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    If you looking for something out of your highschool typical romcom, this is the one, just get ready from a roller coaster ride

  198. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Came here from watching the anime and it is one of my all time favorites, now I’m itching to get the full experience through the VN

  199. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    It’s worth full retail price. And an absolute steal when on sale. Purchase, dig in, sit back and enjoy.

  200. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    This visual novel has everything. From hot and erotic scenes to heartbreaking and *die of laughter* scenes. It sure is one of the best visual novels I have played. It did start being too repetitive at times (but still funny as hell, so not boring). And I did not expect the ending I got. The story did go 180° when I expected it to continue a certain subject, which I really regret it did not, and left stuff unanswered. But the ending was satisfying, though I do wonder how the next titles will be.

  201. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    Very wel written VN, lots of funny scenes and very spicy ones, 10/10 would play again.

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