Fleeting Iris: Alansya Chronicles Ren’Py Edition – 18+ DLC

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Ayame, a beautiful young woman from Ryuugai (Japan) is living a carefree life in search of happiness. One fateful day, she met Robert, a CIA agent who was stationed in Ryuugai during a mission. After a few months, they become engaged and when Robert’s mission ends she decided to move to Heaven City (USA) with him.

Once in Heaven City, she realizes not everyone is who they seem to be. Ayame will have some issues connecting with her future son-in-law that is almost as old as her. Every single boss and co-worker at her potential job places seem to have ulterior agendas, strangers seem to be annoyingly draw to her and if that wasn’t enough, even her old life comes back to haunt her in Heaven City.

How will Ayame’s life unfold? Those decisions are in your hands in this slice of life RPG!


  • Multiple choices. Choose Ayame’s day to day tasks
  • Interactive map with a variety of places to visit
  • English language option