Fallen Maidens ~jalouse~ Shiori’s Story

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Holy Innocence Girls’ Academy. A Christian school located deep in the quiet mountains of K Town in Nagano Prefecture.
A rumor floats through its halls.
“If you offer a prayer to the Virgin Mary, she will grant any wish… but in exchange, something important will be taken from you.”When Shiori Kusakabe enrolls as a new student,
she is immediately drawn to her roommate, Miki Chigasaki.But, one fateful day, she discovers something about Miki by chance,
and the emotions within her begin to stir…-This is a story of desire and sacrifice-What is [Fallen Maidens ~jalouse~ : Shiori]
The first game from up-and-coming indie visual novel Brand, PurePurple. It is the first entry in the pure literature yuri series, [Fallen Maidens].Redefining “Fully-Voiced”
Both narration and dialogue are read by talented voice actresses, delivering an elegant, radio drama-like experience.
(Main Cast: Shiori Kusakabe/Natsume Suzuka, Miki Chigasaki/Ryoko Tanaka)

Dedicated Soundtrack
Presenting an original soundtrack by a professional composer.
Unique background music to accompany the beautiful illustrations and voice-acting. (Composer: Shinya Mitsuda)

Gorgeous Illustrations
Contains 17 unique CGs (90 total with varying expressions), and 30 original background images.