Fallen Maidens ~jalouse~ Shiori’s Story

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Holy Innocence Girls’ Academy. A Christian school located deep in the quiet mountains of K Town in Nagano Prefecture.
A rumor floats through its halls.
“If you offer a prayer to the Virgin Mary, she will grant any wish… but in exchange, something important will be taken from you.”When Shiori Kusakabe enrolls as a new student,
she is immediately drawn to her roommate, Miki Chigasaki.But, one fateful day, she discovers something about Miki by chance,
and the emotions within her begin to stir…-This is a story of desire and sacrifice-What is [Fallen Maidens ~jalouse~ : Shiori]
The first game from up-and-coming indie visual novel Brand, PurePurple. It is the first entry in the pure literature yuri series, [Fallen Maidens].

Redefining “Fully-Voiced”
Both narration and dialogue are read by talented voice actresses, delivering an elegant, radio drama-like experience.
(Main Cast: Shiori Kusakabe/Natsume Suzuka, Miki Chigasaki/Ryoko Tanaka)

Dedicated Soundtrack
Presenting an original soundtrack by a professional composer.
Unique background music to accompany the beautiful illustrations and voice-acting. (Composer: Shinya Mitsuda)

Gorgeous Illustrations
Contains 17 unique CGs (90 total with varying expressions), and 30 original background images.


Pure Purple

1 review for Fallen Maidens ~jalouse~ Shiori’s Story

  1. Verified Owner (verified owner)

    I’m not one for reviews but I wanted to give my 2 cents on this one. I’ll be upfront and say I didn’t finish reading through this so you can feel free to ignore me. Also mild spoilers.

    All of that being said, I really was not enjoying this visual novel. All of the narration is voiced which kind of gets old fast. This may be because Shiori has such low confidence and social skills I don’t even know what to compare it to. Miki, the love interest, is your typical high energy type that makes friends in seconds with people.

    Basically day one Shiori like out of nowhere yells at Miki because she made friends and she was trying to get her to hang out. Miki just reacts like “oh I see” and then totally ignores her completely. This seems to be 3000% out of character for Miki. Miki doesn’t even try to understand nor ask what is wrong with Shiori. She just hopes out. Then the game basically montages a month or so of time away drilling into us that Shiori is lonely. This culminates when Shiori happens to overhear Miki getting frisky with some other girl. Then she sneaks out and prays to the Virgin Mary so Miki will like her. Well turns out that works. She likes Shiori so much that Miki doesn’t even want to talk to her other friends anymore.

    It almost feels rapey, honestly. She’s used a supernatural phenomenon to force Miki to like her and pay attention to her. Then the game hints at all of the crap she’ll go through in the near future. Shiori immediately begins getting bullied by Miki’s friends because of course this isn’t natural.

    All in all, this just felt super off to me. The writing wasn’t very good, the scenario felt bad and was contrived and I didn’t want to see our main characters succeed nor want to know what happens to them rather quickly.

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