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Haley and her friend Lucia have been trapped inside Haley’s mind and are trying to get out! Finding The Dreamcutter, a mysterious scythe with an ulterior motive, promises sexy rewards and a chance at escape. What strange dangers and exotic encounters will you find inside your own mind?

-Stylish, Satisfying Combat System!
+ Dream Combo meter to rack up points
+ Collect coins to buy upgrades to expand the game
+ Higher combos mean faster movement speed!
+ Scythe can be thrown and returned to keep combos going
+ Send enemies flying far away or up in the air!

-Unique Movement Options!
+ Stick your scythe in the wall and use it to bounce!
+ Swinging, Grinding, Floating, and Wall Jump options for versatile movement and platforming
+ Experiment with your scythe! See what you can do and where you can go!

-A Sexy Story Trapped In Your Mind!
+Discover what the dream world is all about with cutscenes and dialouge between characters
+Unlock the story as well as plenty of sexy and lust filled moments to remember
+Uncover how powerful Dreamcutter is in battle against unique boss fights!