Cyborpunk Crisis

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Science Fiction Tactic Action Game
* Note
This game requires DirectX 9.0.

* Control
R-Click: Aim/Cancel
L-Click: Fire/Confirm
F:Melee Attack
Esc: Menu
1/2/3: Change Weapon

* Story
207X A.D. The line between human and machine is disappearing. 1/3 of the world population are cyborgs, half human half machine. Man-made androids have earned personality rights and become a part of human society. Erika, an agent of a private intelligence agency, is going to sneak and investigate a research facility in Free City for some “reasons.”

* Content
Science Fiction Tactic Action Game
Select Mission, using Erika’s skill and equipment to complete it. You need to drive mobile-armor to fight strong enemy sometimes.

H-Scene 40+
Including Rape Prostitution Monster Sex