Chevalier Historie Append – DLC

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This is a DLC. It requires you to have the base game Chevalier Historie downloaded and installed to play.


The heroine of this story is the earnest knight, Jeanne. She is the first and only female knight in the lengthy history of the kingdom of Berde. To save the imprisoned Princess Lily, she sets out on a journey. She puts aside her well-being to rescue the four spirits of Berde and restore the Royal Ring’s power. At the end of her rigorous journey, the fate of Jeanne and Princess Lily rests solely in your hands…


This action RPG is filled with many enemies and bosses with unique attack patterns. There are also a multitude of obtainable items that unlock special moves, like a dash attack or an attack combo. For those seeking a challenge, some items reduce your hit points or gained EXP. You can play the game however you see fit.

Append – A New Adventure
The Append adds another adventure for Jeanne and her friends. A new enemy has emerged in the kingdom of Berde that threatens to bring the land to ruin once more. It is up to Jeanne to unravel the mysteries behind the strange phenomena and restore peace. New events have been added all over town, and new scenes for many characters throughout the game. New characters also arrive with the telling of this story! The game has also added voice acting for several existing characters and new characters.

Go on dates with your favorite characters including Lily, Diana, Galahad, Sirius, Regulus, a few possibly unexpected dating options, and even a new character! Dates include various dialogue options that can lead to different outcomes and new scenes. Who knows, it might even affect the game’s ending!

Monster Ranch / Dog Park
A new and unique ranch has opened for business in Berde, full of cute monsters! If you’ve adopted a puppy, you can bring it to the dog park and play with it there! Monsters can be added by clearing dungeons or certain subevents. You can learn how to unlock more from the owner, Yang Yang.

Multiple Endings
The game has multiple endings that are determined by the decisions Jeanne makes. The new dating feature added in the Append might also affect the new story’s ending!