Castaway of the Ardusta Sea

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An adventurer, Aisha, takes on a quest from the adventurer’s guild and plunges headfirst into danger once again. This time, she sets off by ship and is assailed by a sudden storm and a fearsome, giant monster. The struggle ends as she falls overboard and is cast away to an unknown island. However, it appears that the pirates controlling the island aren’t the only threat. There’s also a huge sea monster that sinks any ship it encounters to worry about! Aisha must now find a safe way home from the Ardusta Sea!


In this classic, turned-based puzzle RPG, you control Aisha and try to solve the mysteries of the island while limited on equipment and gear. On top of that, fighting head-on isn’t exactly her forte, so you’ll have to be creative in finding your way off the island.

Invest points into Aisha’s assassination skills to deal with enemies directly, or simply get around by sneaking past any possible threat! Aisha can also learn skills that help her avoid fights! There are many ways to play.


  • Replayability
    There are various ways to enjoy Castaway of the Ardusta Sea. You can stealth your way through the entire game or fight everything in sight! Every run is a new adventure to enjoy!
  • Multiple Ways to Clear the Game!
    Aisha has many different ways to return to the mainland alive. Will she save only herself, or save the others as well? Will she take a dangerous approach, or play it safe? Will she unravel the mysteries of the island, or avoid them entirely? The choice is yours! Take advantage of Aisha’s training as a thief to reach your goals!