Alice in dreamland

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A humiliation-type RPG about a girl who stumbles into a parallel universe.

“Alice Minase” went to school and got a job like everyone else.
After years of the same thing over and over again, she wanted to get away from it all.
One evening when she came home from work…
A book about a “Wonderland” falls off from the shelf.
“I wish I could live in a place like this…”
Then, her wishes came true as she stumbled into the “Wonderland”.

~Humiliation scene~
Humiliation scenes occur during events and when you lose to bosses in various areas.
Incomplete humiliation scenes can be unlocked after you beat the game. (Recollection room available)

~Game features~
Most basic objects can be inspected.
You can find clues about the character’s emotions and back story.
Some items will yield different results after inspecting it numerous times.
*In some cases, you can get a bigger picture of things.

There are multiple achievements in the game based on progress and events.
These achievements are “shared between all saved data” and is “auto-saved”.
So even if you can’t go back to a certain scene, you can “use the old data and complete the achievement”.
*Achievements do not include things like; Collecting items, buying/selling items, taking out specific enemies a certain amount of time.

– Simple turn-based battle system.
– Messages can be skipped.
– Save anywhere.