Aisu Paradise

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The ice-cream parlor, Della Puena is in a difficult situation and while Tetsuya may have other motivations in life, he’s there to help his lovely manager right the ship. With a cute new, employee joining the crew, Tetsuya has his hands full focusing on either of them, or both.

Tetsuya is a young employee at Della Puena, an ice-cream parlor that’s been having some financial issues in the past few months. Although his dream is to become an adult film producer and director, he’s staying at the shop to help Natsuko, his sexy but stubborn store manager and -for now- roommate, and Sachi, a cute and charming new employee, to create special events at the shop and a new ice-cream flavor to stand out from the competition. In some way or another, both girls seem to like Tetsuya, but it’s gonna be his duty to choose one of them wisely (or maybe both), without neglecting neither his work or his dreams. Well, after all, maybe both Natsuko and Sachi can help him fulfill it…


  • Visual novel with multiple choice and branching paths
  • Available in English and Spanish
  • Fully uncensored erotic CGs
  • CG gallery to view CGs and character sprites
  • Includes APK for playing on your Android phone