A Simulation That Lets You Do Whatever You Want To A Domineering Young Lady

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Do whatever you want! Conquer that domineering young lady with a brainwashing app to fill her with enough intense pleasure to make her body and soul yours!

Did you ever think about wanting to use the hypnotism app that’s often featured in manga or CG collections…? This game is a simulation that let’s you do all sorts of sexual things using a hypnotism app! Instead of following a predetermined scene, take the reins as the main character and train the girl however you like! Featuring over 2,000 voice clips, 150 motion clips, the heroine’s reactions will change with how you proceed in the game!

Much like the previous release, that blend of sticky and wet animation that blends 2D with 3D has been improved!


Tenguuji Karen
A well-mannered daughter of an important family who is also a board member of the academy. While she looks like an honors student on the outside, she is a domineering, arrogant young lady who looks down on other students and teachers. In particular she despises the protagonist who is a nobody that is especially out of place as one of the few male students of a formally all-girls academy and antagonizes him at every opportunity.

However, once the protagonist uses the hypnotism app on her, the training of her body and soul shall begin…

A normal male student who recently enrolled at a school that was formally an all-girls academy. He spends his day being abused by a young lady that comes from a good family but has an arrogant attitude. Then one day, he installs a brain washing app on his smartphone and…


-Full HD animation featuring over 150 motion clips
-Full voice featuring over 2,000 voice clips
-Heroine’s reactions changes depending on how the game is played
-Variety of different modes of hypnotism