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The Denpasoft site has recently updated with plenty of new changes!

To help clear some confusion of what’s changed or how to access your account please read below.

If you previously had an account with Denpasoft please re-register with the same email you used before! You will be able to reactivate your old account this way after clicking on the activation email that is sent to you.

If you’ve never had a Denpasoft account then this doesn’t apply to you.

To retrieve all of your downloads from your previous account please email [email protected] and they will provide you with new links to downloads for your purchases.

Any old email download links will not work anymore.

If you purchase anything on the new site you will get a link to download on the Checkout page and also receive an email with a link to your download.

Unfortunately with the new site we are unable to provide direct links to your downloads on the site. It is important to keep these emails or links to access your downloads easily. If you lose the link, hit your download limit, or email with the link, please contact [email protected] and they will be happy to assist you.

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Discover all the surprises that we revealed at Anime Expo!

Hello dear visual novel fans! Did you miss our panel at AX? Are you looking to go over the many announcements that we presented this weekend? Come along to take a look at the upcoming titles and projects we will be releasing in the future!


Tenshin Ranman

Developer: YuzuSoft

Haruki has very bad luck. A lot of trouble always gathers around him, or does he invite trouble? One day, he receives a parcel. No sender name, no address. The only thing written on it is “creature”. He wasn’t expecting it. It’s a girl. According to her, she is a goddess and came here to remove his misfortune. Like this, she starts living at his house.

However, her personality causes various troubles, involving other people. Will he be able to live a fortunate life amid such a confusing situation? What is her purpose? Will his misfortune disappear? 




Developer: YuzuSoft


“In the bittersweet night of this island city where vampires and humans co-exist, this story begins.” 

In a specially zoned part of Japan is the island city of Aqua Eden, a place where gambling and other underground activities were sanctioned.  On a mission to seek out romance in his life, Mutsura Yuuto accompanies his friend to this island to enjoy a nice vacation in Aqua Eden. These plans get disrupted as he witnesses a kidnapping!  Unable to simply turn a blind eye, he gets involved and somehow gets turned into a vampire!  Having been turned into a vampire, Yuuto is unable to leave and ends up having to live on the island … However, little did he know that this would only be the start of his story.

Yuuto ends up enrolling at the academy there where classes are taught in the dead of night and the contradictions to his common sense only create more confusion in him.

From famed developer Yuzusoft, Dracu-Riot! features deep involvement with each of the fangtastic heroines, allowing the player to focus their attention on their desired romantic lead and explore multiple routes of story and intrigue.



Senren ⋆ Banka

Developer: YuzuSoft


Deep in the mountain range, there exist a small village by the name Hoori. Secluded from civilization and unreachable by modern transport, the village can be interpreted as stuck far in the past. But it is this fact that has caused Hoori to become a hot spring paradise for the willing tourist. Among the springs and sights that enriches the rural town, a legendary katana is embedded in stone, spawning myths and legends for centuries; Murasamemaru. None have yet been able to wake the sword from its slumber and wield it as its new master.

That is, until Arichi Masaomi came along and broke the darn thing!

Not only that, but with this unforeseen set of events, the young man finds himself forced to take responsibility, responsibility in the form of marriage. His fiancé, a mysterious young woman, causes further chaos into Masaomi’s wife. With Murasamemaru in his hand, it seems that his life will never be the same again.

Continuing our partnership with Yuzusoft, Senren ⋆ Banka comes bursting with comedy and color in this episodic situational sitcom visual novel.  



Nanairo Reincarnation

Developer: Silky’s Plus Alpha


The summer heat is burning, as Kagami Makoto makes his way through college. While preoccupied with his studies, Kagami inherits his late grandfather’s house and makes the decision to live on his own given the circumstances. However, he is soon to discover that there lives a pair of young women in this house, Iyo and Kikyou, neither of whom cast a reflection and neither seems to be even visible to anyone but Kagami! This is actually due to Kagami possessing a skill known as reisha, an astral vision allowing him to see young girls who claim to be spirits. It turns out that Kagami did not inherit just a house, he also inherited a duty, a duty to serve and protect the many spirits that roam this town and guide them peacefully into their eternal sleep.

Inheriting a generations old duty, Kagami must make peace with this newfound responsibility an figure out his life, as he takes on the honor of the Kagami family lineage. But before he can get settled and come to terms with this revelation, an incident occurs that rocks the little spirit town to its core.

From developer Silky’s Plus Alpha, Nanairo Reincarnation takes an unlikely hero and thrust him into a world full of unknown. Players can enjoy multiple endings and scenarios as Kagami’s adventure unfolds.



Look forward to Nanairo Reincarnation releasing in early 2018!


Miko no Kanata: Curious Tale from the Shrine -Chapter Rin-

Developer: Fan-na

Miko no Kanata: Curious Tales from the Shrine -Chapter Rin- is the first part in the Miko no Kanata series. This traditional Japanese-style romance adventure tells the story of Kiryu Yuya, a young man who one day comes across Mikanagi Akiha, a mysterious girl.

Akiha is the spitting image of a miko (shrine maiden) who repeatedly appears in Yuya’s dreams and takes his life. Nevertheless, he feels a strong sense of fate in meeting Akiha. “It feels like we’re finally meeting each other…Yuya-san.” These words Akiha speak show her strong fascination in Yuya and they soon fall in love with each other…

However, Akiha’s old sister, Koharu who is also a miko lets him in on a startling revelation. “Akiha-chan… is not someone from this era.” 

This is a tale of a young woman’s love which surpasses the infinite bounds of a millennium. A tragic tale of shrine maidens of battle and the fate imposed upon them. And the followers of darkness who seek to rampage through the world of night…

Will these strong feelings that Yuya and Akiha have for each other be enough to bring them together?  

Look forward to more news of Miko no Kanata: Curious Tale from the Shrine -Chapter Rin- up to its release later this year!


Real Life Plus Ver. Kaname Komatsuzaki


Developer: Fan-na

Real Life Plus Ver. Kaname Komatsuzaki is a game that lets you enjoy life interacting and growing up with Kaname Komatsuzaki, a childhood friend of protagonist, Kouichi. The game is strewn with short segments that explore their relationship with the choices made at each step which alter their lives as they spend their youth with each other.

The story is 100% dialog and from the start in 1999 to the present day, everything from the subject matter to the backgrounds are linked to each period in the game. With each choice, Kaname’s mannerisms and even things such as her choice of clothing and hairstyle will change as well.

The natural voice work by voice actress Sakazaki Mao also helps to bring a realistic feeling to the game as well. 

Real Life Plus Ver. Kaname Komatsuzaki is due to release in a couple of months, for another great title coming out in 2017!


Island Diary

Developer: Watakubi


“Now that I think about it …  is this heaven?!” 

On an isolate island, a distant tropical wonder serves as home to the bear eared girl Momo. Despite the beautiful scenery in this seemingly idyllic paradise, she still experiences a sense of loneliness, as her only friends on this island are the cat eared Kuro and the rabbit eared Moka, however they have slowly been drifting apart from one another due to the existence of a certain diary. But one day, a young man wash ashore, unable to recall any detail of his past beyond his name thanks to a few of his belongings being with him. Momo discovers Ryou in his daze as he wakes up on the beach unable to grasp how he ended up in this strange little paradise, and with her help begins to shape together what is now to become his new life.

With the positive energy of Momo and the help of Ryou, the three girls and the lost young man find themselves building a new day on the solidary island together full of excitement and titillation.

Renowned dating sim artist Saji Sasai is back with her first personal project, Island Diary! From gorgeous scenery to beautiful girls and a little dose of mystery, Sasai creates a place of dreams, warmth and wonder.




Developer: Lose

Set in Hinomoto, a fictional version of Japan, where for a long time railway travel served as the most important form of transport. Each locomotive was paired with a humanoid control module, so-called RailRoad, that aided the train operator. However, many rail lines had been discontinued due to the rising popularity of ‘aerocrafts’, a safe and convenient aerial mode of transport. As such, their accompanying railroads also went into a deep sleep.

Soutetsu had lost his entire family in a rail accident and was adopted into the Migita household, which runs a shochu brewery in the city of Ohitoyo. He returned to his hometown to save it from the potential water pollution that would occur if they accepted the proposal to build an aerocraft factory nearby. He woke up the RailRoad Hachiroku by accident and became her owner. For different purposes, they agreed to help find her lost locomotive, with the help of his stepsister Hibiki, the town’s mayor and local railway chief, Paulette and others.


Alpha’s Adventures

Developer: Onee-sama Productions


Onee-Sama Productions have news to share regarding Alpha’s Adventures, their upcoming yuri visual novel!

Alpha, the protagonist, is a strong-minded woman determined to build her own yuri harem–no matter what it takes! Alpha’s Adventures brings a mixture of adventure stories and fetishes to the yuri genre. Flirt with a demure princess, a bossy space captain, or even your own little sister! The game was a smash hit on Kickstarter, and it’s coming to Denpasoft next year! We showed off the recently completed designs for some of the merchandise from the campaign, like squishy oppai mousepads and print-your-own dakimakura designs!

Missed your chance to pledge to the Kickstarter? Don’t worry – these goods are now available for pre-order through Backerkit, too! Look forward to this lusty yuri romp in Q3 2018!


Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura Doki

Developer: Palette

It is spring, cherry blossom season. A time of first meetings and partings, a time when buds are sprouting. For Mihaya Academy 2nd year student, Asaba Yuma, it was a gloomy day.

There was a bounty of 21,000 yen (including tax) on his head. Yuma was treated by the girls at the academy as something of a love expert as they would go to him for all their troubles. And it is for his talent that a love bounty was placed on him. Girls would come to him for all sorts of advice whether it was jealousy or infidelity and hearing all of this just gave him less and less of an interest in love at all.

Then one day, a mysterious girl came up to him. She had never fallen in love before. But, she believed that it was something wonderful. That girl had something of a mysterious job.

Do you want to fall in love?
As a fairy of love, she will make his love come true.

More details will be revealed! Get ready for this stunning visual novel coming out this year!


Fallen Doll



Developer: Project Helius


Ladies and gentlemen, our most valued customers and friends, a very fine evening to you! It’s the moment we’ve long been waiting for – the grand opening of the Erotes Nightclub. It is not only a place of comfort and luxury, but also a proving ground of a cutting-edge scientific achievement: the state-of-the-art bionic humanoid robot, codenamed Erika will be at your service to satisfy your most wild sexual desires. 

The recent breakthrough of synthetic tissue engineering has pushed scientific boundaries far beyond the imagination of our ancestors, and we are delighted to have you here to behold and enjoy such a special experiment: Is that possible to create a robot which has feelings and reactions like a person? Or let’s take it a step further: Is that possible to create a synthetic body which is indistinguishable from a real human? 

Erika will be the answer. Will she be the Aphrodite we all lust for? Or merely another lifeless sex doll waiting to be disposed of? 

Fallen Doll is a simulation game in which you play as a research scientist deployed at Erotes Nightclub to moderate the test and implement improvements on an experimental sex robot named Erika. The true purpose behind this debauched display still remains to be discovered. The game features in-depth strategy, real-time next gen experience of a wide range of sexual interactions and character customizations, as well as a dystopian storyline inspired by The Brave New WorldTry the demo and support the project on Patreon! The game is estimated to be completed early 2018.


We hope you are excited to hear more about all of these exciting titles! Keep an eye on our social medias, subscribe to our newsletter, and visit our blog to get all the details! Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth and attended our panel at AX!

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How Are Denspasoft Games Priced?

Welcome to another entry in the Denpasoft blog! Take a breather from the bobs and lewdness to read about the latest info that we have to offer! ✨

Today, we’re going to do something a little different: We want to discuss some of the misconceptions on pricing and the business end of Denpasoft. We’re working hard to bring as much transparency as we can to you, the fans, and we hope this will be a great step forward!

One of the many questions and criticisms we get is regarding our pricing model for 18+ games, all-ages versions of the games and their DLC options. Why does it seem to be more expensive?… But is it actually more expensive? Here’s an example! Let’s say, for instance, we had a game title called “Where Are the Bobs?“. Here’s how we would price that game. (NOTE: All pricing doesn’t always follow this model, so please keep in mind that it depends entirely on our agreements with the developer. However, we do try to maintain this policy for pricing for all our titles.)

The 18+ version of Where Are the Bobs? will be priced $19.99 in our shop. In addition to that, we will offer an all-ages version on Steam that doesn’t contain the 18+ content. When we do so, we offer the all-ages version at a price of $9.99. If the fans who purchased the game on Steam want the 18+ content, they can get the DLC offered on Denpasoft for $9.99. This means the complete game will always end up costing $19.99, whether it was purchased in full or in parts.

We aim to price our products at either the same price as the Japanese version or sometimes even cheaper! (Remember that this depends on the exchange rate.)


Where Are the Bobs?


Suggested Retail Price

Japanese stores ¥‎2,268 ≈ $20.54 USD (depends on exchange rate)
Denpasoft $19.99
Steam $9.99
18+ DLC $9.99



What we strive for is not to charge more for the 18+ version and “punish” the fans who want their adult content. Instead, we look to bring more fans into this beloved franchise who might not be interested in the adult content and just want to have a cute time with cute girls. By bringing them in with the discounted all-ages version, we hope to be able to encourage them to try out the adult version with the DLC. If it’s not their cup of tea, it’s easy to remove the DLC and continue with their family-friendly version.

We also want to point out the product name change from “patch” to “DLC”. We wanted to make it more clear that the additional downloadable content has value, as they contain extra scenes, integration, QA, voices and translation work. We decided to change the term to reflect the nature of these products better.

We never want our fans to feel that we are not encouraging them to fap away at their heart’s content with the adult versions of our games. But in this gaming world, we want to offer reasonable options to accommodate all fans of visual novels and their needs.

It takes a lot of work to bring visual novels over to the West, and we thank you for your continued support! ? If there are any other topics you wish for us to cover in a future blog post, please let us know via our Twitter, @Denpasoft_PR!

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Complementary Steam keys removed from titles

We have to remove Steam keys from titles that had Steam key support. Roughly $30,000 worth of keys were stolen from us and we will be contacting Valve to disable the keys that were fraudulently obtained. We’re sorry for the inconvenience but we must protect our relationship with our credit card processor or else we will not be able to offer adult games in the future.