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Sakura-Con & Anime Boston Announcement!

Hello everyone!


We hope that you’re enjoying Sakura-Con or Anime Boston this weekend. If you couldn’t attend, please enjoy this brand new live announcement! We have a very interesting game to present to you today, a novelty in the genre of games we usually publish, which makes it even more exciting for us!



 Developer: Studio Shimapan


Mahou Arms is a new project in early development by Studio Shimapan, a team of experienced veterans in the game development world. Lead magical girls into battle; your girls will transform, fight, win, and get their battle uniforms ripped to shreds in the battle against the alien menace! When they return, develop your relationships with the girls, go on dates, and do lewd things!




A high-quality game with 3 different girls to choose from, each with romance routes and different fighting/play styles. Mahou Arms is a real-time, third-person magical girl hack and slash dating simulator made in Unreal Engine 4 with 100% custom content. With a focus on combat, this title is inspired by Nier:Automata, Bayonetta and Devil May Cry.



 Amelia hears the deafening sound of turboprop engines and distant explosions as she stands on the edge, looking at the shimmering city below. She still remembers the feeling of the first time she stood at the back of this plane’s open cargo door. Like then, every muscle in her body still resists the act. With her free hand, she reaches her into her pocket and takes out her cellphone. It opens to her messaging app, where earlier, she was having a conversation with the Commander. She smiles, puts the phone back in her pocket, then jumps.

You’re taking me out to dinner after this, Commander!

The sound of propellers is gone, replaced with sounds of rushing wind and plasma beams whizzing by. Amelia taps her necklace, and her magical girl transformation begins.


Battle damage progression 


Amelia character design 


H-scene Preview (Work in progress)


Support their Patreon for more information on the progress and the creation of this new title! Regularly updated uncensored demo builds and exclusive NSFW art are available to Patreon backers! You’ll also be able to vote on future features, art & design decisions, character designs, and much more!





$5 $10 $20


  • NSFW feed
  • Access to latest build (every ~1-2 months)
  • High-quality downloads of NSFW previews
  • Vote for upcoming content


  • Lieutenant rewards
  • Access to exclusive monthly art (likely to be lewd)


  • Captain rewards
  • Submit ideas for the Bonus Monthly NSFW illustration and vote on them
  • Illustration rewards for the last 3 months