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AX2018 Information

Hello to our dear lewd aficionados,

Anime Expo 2018 is coming up next month, and we are really excited to share with you our activities for the convention. Take a look at all the information below on our guest, panel, booth, and merchandise. More details to come in the weeks and days before AX!



Special Guest


Booth #4518 (ID check)

Mahou Arms demo
NEKOPARA and Kätzchen merchandise

Panel (18+ wristband)

Denpasoft: Erecting A Market & The Rise of Adult Gaming
Friday, July 6th 10:00 PM – 11:00 PM @ 408 AB (LP 3)

Autograph Sessions

Saturday, July 7th – 12:10 PM @ Kentia Hall, Table 3
Saturday, July 7th – 10:40 AM @ Kentia Hall, Table 5




Kätzchen is an illustrator and character designer that will be appearing at AX, courtesy of Denpasoft. She has worked on several visual novels such as The Human Reignition Project and is the lead artist for the upcoming adult comedy game Hard Work by Matchasoft. Her work has appeared in various media sold at Comiket and other events. She specializes in erotic art, and her distinctive style has earned her thousands of fans both in Japan and in the West.




Kätzchen will be doing an autograph session and there will be exclusive items available at our booth.



Denpasoft: Erecting A Market & The Rise of Adult Gaming *

*18+ WRISTBAND WILL BE REQUIRED TO ENTER (How to get an 18+ wristband)

Friday, July 6 (Day 2)      10:00 PM – 11:00 PM
@LP3 (Live Programming 3) 408 AB


Autograph Sessions


Saturday, July 7 (Day 3)      12:10 PM
@Kentia Hall – Table 3

Meet the artist from Matchasoft’s upcoming visual novel Hard Work! Kätzchen draws original work for various visual novels and other games. Get her uncensored doujins at our booth and come to meet her to get them signed!


Our staff will be waiting for you at the entrance of the industry autograph signing with a large signboard directing and distributing tickets. These tickets are ONLY to guarantee entry into the line, not for an autograph.


Booth & Merchandise

South Hall – Booth #4518 *

*18+ ID will be required at the booth

 Day 1 – Thursday, July 5

 Day 2 – Friday, July 6

Day 3 – Saturday, July 7

Day 4 – Sunday, July 8

10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

10:00 AM – 3:00 PM


The booth will be enclosed and only accessible to attendees aged 18 and older. We will have exclusive deals at our booth that are not available in our webshop. Don’t forget your ID!


Mahou Arms Demo


Play the upcoming real-time third-person magical girl hack and slash dating simulator Mahou Arms in a brand new demo exclusively available at Denpasoft’s booth during AX2018! See for yourself what this ambitious game created by industry veterans at Studio Shimapan is all about, and come fight off alien invasions while building a relationship with your magical girl!


 Here’s a few previews of items that will be available at our booth.

NEKOPARA Vol. 3 Maple & Cinnamon T-shirt
Both cute and lewd, this Denpasoft exclusive t-shirt illustrated by Sayori will be available in limited quantities!
(sizes Small to X-Large)
☆ Promotion: Buy Denpasoft’s NEKOPARA Vol. 3 t-shirt and Sekai Project‘s cute NEKOPARA Vol. 3 t-shirt together and save $10!


NEKOPARA Vol. 3 Physical Edition
Yes, it’s here! Get your physical copy of NEKOPARA Vol. 3 !
Comes with the OP & ED Single and Artbook


Our parent company Sekai Project has invited Sayori over and will be doing an autograph session, so don’t miss out on getting your Vol.3 signed !


Saturday, July 7 (Day 3)      10:40 AM
@Kentia Hall – Table 5

Sayori is the illustrator for the popular visual novel series and recently anime OVA NEKOPARA. She is also the lead for NEKO WORKs. Meet Sayori and get your favorite catgirl goods signed by her!


☆ Promotion: Purchase $60 of NEKOPARA goods to receive one priority ticket for Sayori’s autograph session! (*Only 30 tickets available. 1 ticket per customer. Showing up too close to the ending time isn’t recommended.)


We will also have uncensored doujins and keychains from Kätzchen, and many more limited and deadstock merchandise will be available so stop by to secure your goods!

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How Are Denspasoft Games Priced?

Welcome to another entry in the Denpasoft blog! Take a breather from the bobs and lewdness to read about the latest info that we have to offer! ✨

Today, we’re going to do something a little different: We want to discuss some of the misconceptions on pricing and the business end of Denpasoft. We’re working hard to bring as much transparency as we can to you, the fans, and we hope this will be a great step forward!

One of the many questions and criticisms we get is regarding our pricing model for 18+ games, all-ages versions of the games and their DLC options. Why does it seem to be more expensive?… But is it actually more expensive? Here’s an example! Let’s say, for instance, we had a game title called “Where Are the Bobs?“. Here’s how we would price that game. (NOTE: All pricing doesn’t always follow this model, so please keep in mind that it depends entirely on our agreements with the developer. However, we do try to maintain this policy for pricing for all our titles.)

The 18+ version of Where Are the Bobs? will be priced $19.99 in our shop. In addition to that, we will offer an all-ages version on Steam that doesn’t contain the 18+ content. When we do so, we offer the all-ages version at a price of $9.99. If the fans who purchased the game on Steam want the 18+ content, they can get the DLC offered on Denpasoft for $9.99. This means the complete game will always end up costing $19.99, whether it was purchased in full or in parts.

We aim to price our products at either the same price as the Japanese version or sometimes even cheaper! (Remember that this depends on the exchange rate.)


Where Are the Bobs?


Suggested Retail Price

Japanese stores ¥‎2,268 ≈ $20.54 USD (depends on exchange rate)
Denpasoft $19.99
Steam $9.99
18+ DLC $9.99



What we strive for is not to charge more for the 18+ version and “punish” the fans who want their adult content. Instead, we look to bring more fans into this beloved franchise who might not be interested in the adult content and just want to have a cute time with cute girls. By bringing them in with the discounted all-ages version, we hope to be able to encourage them to try out the adult version with the DLC. If it’s not their cup of tea, it’s easy to remove the DLC and continue with their family-friendly version.

We also want to point out the product name change from “patch” to “DLC”. We wanted to make it more clear that the additional downloadable content has value, as they contain extra scenes, integration, QA, voices and translation work. We decided to change the term to reflect the nature of these products better.

We never want our fans to feel that we are not encouraging them to fap away at their heart’s content with the adult versions of our games. But in this gaming world, we want to offer reasonable options to accommodate all fans of visual novels and their needs.

It takes a lot of work to bring visual novels over to the West, and we thank you for your continued support! ? If there are any other topics you wish for us to cover in a future blog post, please let us know via our Twitter, @Denpasoft_PR!