Sakura Fantasy Chapter 1


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Product Description

Raelin, a novice knight hopefully of climbing up in the ranks, finds herself in a world of sorcery and beautiful knights in shining lingerie. In this world, each girl has a special ability that sets them apart. One day, Raelin meets with a mysterious woman in the castle who tells her of a star that will come falling from the sky. One starry night, the prophecy comes true, and Raelin’s life From there she and her friends must venture out on a journey. A journey which will see danger, surprises, wardrobe malfunctions and plenty of chocolate.

Raelin got the ability to “farsee.” With this she can see through the eyes of other people whenever she wishes, but unfortunately for Raelin, and very fortunate for the player, she is a bit of a perverted mind and uses her abilites to eavesdrop on the private moments of everyone around her. It seems nothing is sacred from her curiosity, and no secret safe.

Sakura Fantasy is an exciting visual novel fantasy adventure where you decide the development of the story by the choices you make.

Do I get a Steam Key for the game?

No you do not, you can buy it on Steam and use the provided patch.

Is this digital only?

Yes this game is digital version only.