Muv-Luv Director’s Cut DLC


Considered one of the most highly-acclaimed visual novels of all time, Muv-Luv is sure to delight players new and old to the visual novel genre.

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Product Description

The Muv-Luv Director’s Cut DLC is the same product as the Muv-Luv Director’s Cut Patch.


What begins as a tongue-in-cheek romantic comedy ultimately transforms into an action-packed thrill ride in a war-torn alternate reality, and it’s this drastic-yet-methodical genre twist that makes the final chapter, Muv-Luv Alternative, the most highly-revered visual novel of all time.

This is a story that will plant seeds in your brain early in the first act that you won’t even notice until they sprout in the third for maximum narrative payoff and crushing emotional impact. Don’t fall for Extra’s cutesy exterior. This series ventures into some of the darkest thematic territory you’ll ever see, and when the final curtain closes, you’ll likely need a forklift to pick your jaw up off the floor. Make no mistake: this is a story that will challenge you in ways few works of fiction dare attempt, and an emotional tour de force unlike any other.



  • Scenes with adult-oriented content
  • Restored CGs with more details
  • With Mosaics

Is this digital only?

Yes this game is digital version only.

Do I get a Steam Key for Muv-Luv?

No you do not, you can buy it on Steam and use the provided patch.

Is this the same as the Muv-Luv Director’s Cut Patch?

Yes. The term “patch” has been replaced for “DLC”, but this is the exact same product.