Zombie Shooting Star

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Mutant Core, which infects and absorbs living creatures with mutants
The planet Unia succeeds in destroying Mutant Core after a costly battle.


MUTANT CORE debris wanders through space and discovers and invades an XX planet full of life that can infect it
The planet Unia detects it and makes an operational plan to kill mutant core debris early on.
The warp energy that the corps-level forces will use
Concentrate on mutant immune combatant Rudy and warp Rudy to the XX planet in just a few seconds

Rudy’s mission is to survive on the planet XX full of mutants
Mutant Core finds and destroys it before it regains its power.

[Game play]

Zombie Shooting Star is a platforming zombie killing action TPS.

◆ Zombie Slaughter Action – Kill zombies and mutants using machine guns, shotguns, sniper rifles, plasma cannons, etc.

◆ Platformer Action – Platforming action using double jump and booster Wallrun grappling hook!

◆ Action using vehicles – Cars, tanks, motorcycles, and bicycles are available.

◆ Simple Goal – Reach your destination by defeating zombies and mutants that stand in your way.