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■To take back the castle, a high-minded female knight sacrifices her body

The castle is taken over, her virginity which was supposed to given to her fiance was taken away, and the female knight was captured as a slave.
She has to sacrifice her body to escape from an enemy base and take the castle back.
Sometimes she disguises her self to a prostitute, sometimes to seal a mouth she does…

Take back the castle, take revenge on the person who took her virginity, and take back her own pride as a knight!

■Orthodox Roguelike RPG

It is a simple roguelike RPG to complete the dungeon by using items effectively and overcome various traps and monsters.
For those who want to enjoy events and play a roguelike RPG for the first time, there are three different difficulties.

■The number of basic CG is 21, if you include the increments, it’s 269!
There are 18 cosplay pictures, 9 weapons, and 9 accessories as increments
There are also pregnant versions for each 18 cosplay picture!!

■The main character who was conceived a half-blooded evil, the pregnancy due date is getting closer to her…

The number of the days to the pregnancy due date decreases when you walk around the dungeon!
The image changes into a pregnant version when the pregnancy due date is getting closer.
You have to complete the dungeon before giving a birth to a half-blooded evil.

■Cosplay outfits to change your look depending on the equipment

Not only outfits, but also equipment such as weapons and accessories can change your look!
Also, when you equip an item, you can hear the voice matching each equipment

・School Swimsuit
・School Uniform
・Maid Outfit
・Bikini Armor
・Restraining tool

You can enjoy various combinations of more than 30 kinds of equipment

■If you lose, you’ll get raped by a monster

・Raped by a huge orc forcefully
・Taken in by a slime
・Casted a hypnotic spell by a wizard…
・Raped by a group of bandits
・Raped by a myriad of tentacles