My Ideal Life in Another World Vol. 5 Now Available!

Published: April 16, 2021

Continuing on where things left off in Vol. 4, Norun’s daily life with Misha and Chise continue as he tries to make sense of Chise’s magic powers and how they work. With a sudden breakthrough, Norun tries out his newfound powers to make Misha go into heat while she’s at work which leads to a sexy encounter behind the cafe she works at!

Don’t  you just wanna take her home with you?

Now if Vol. 5 has your interest, don’t forget to pick up the rest of the series here on Denpasoft! Each release is available digitally and contains beautiful uncensored B&W artwork without black bars, mosaics, or light sabers. The way hentai was meant to be enjoyed!


Title: My Ideal Life in Another World Vol. 5
Circle: 23.4do
Artist: Ichiri
Price: $5.99
Language: English
Pages: 32
Format: PDF
Color: B&W
Original Release: Winter Comic1☆15 (2019) 

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