Marshmallow☆Imouto☆Succubus☆ Coming to Denpasoft!

Published: February 14, 2022

We love a cute imouto succubus. How ’bout you? If “yes” look out for Marshmallow☆Imouto☆Succubus☆ from Orcsoft/Dwarfsoft coming soon to Denpasoft! We don’t have any sort of hard date of release just yet, so please follow us on socials to stay up to date on the latest information~

Developer: Orcsoft/Dwarfsoft
Genre: Visual Novel
Release Date: (TBA) 2022

Tsukikawa Keisuke had a strange dream. That dream involved his innocent younger sister, Saki. Saki was a naïve girl who even believed that babies were made from just kissing. However in his dream, Saki’s innocence was replaced by eyes filled with lust as she creeps into Keisuke’s bed, pulls down his pants and sucks his dick dry. The next day, Saki was her same innocent self to Keisuke’s relief. He was relieved that it was a merely a dream.

However, he soon learns from his father that a succubus lurks within his little sister and once the succubus has tasted a man’s seed, she will not let go. Having to choose between his dear, innocent little sister and the allure of a lustful succubus, what will Keisuke do?

Like with Childhood Friends with Benefits, you’ll be able to enjoy the experience of Marshmallow☆Imouto☆Succubus☆ fully uncensored without mosaics. The release will also include English and Simplified Chinese text. Stay tuned for more details as we get closer to release!

Private time in the classroom…

We hope you enjoyed the announcement, thanks for reading!