Download problems with NEKOPARA Vol 4 and how we fixed it

Published: December 23, 2020


Ever since the launch of NEKOPARA Vol. 4 we’ve received reports of downloads failing to complete. We wanted to give some background on what happened and what we did to improve the user experience of downloading from Denpasoft.

First, we like to share some numbers from the first two days of NEKOPARA Vol. 4 launching:

30 TB of data transferred
2.5gbps at peak transfer rates

At the same time someone decided to DDOS our CDN endpoints and caused resource starvation issues. We suffered a peak of 14,000 requests per second which caused downloads to fail.

We worked around the issue a few times by splitting up the game in to multiple parts, you can see the drips in the requests graph. Unfortunately they kept adapting and we had an unacceptable amount of downloads failing.

After the launch we spent the time to add many more CDN endpoints as well as setting proper request limits on our download system. Additionally we started to send customers to edge download nodes that closer to them to improve the speeds we can deliver games to you.

If you’re still experiencing download issues please make a ticket on our portal and we can investigate why it is still happening.

Thanks and Happy Holidays from the team at Denpasoft