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Ditzy Demons Tester Blog #1

Hello everyone, we’re introducing to you: Tester Blogs! We hope you enjoy them and look forward to seeing more in the future!

Today’s blog is brought to you by our tester Kevin R.

Please give your own quick synopsis/summary of the game.

A relatively normal academy boy’s life is flipped upside down when he realizes his academy harbors a large population of paranormal attendants. After accidentally being branded a problem student and sent to a special dorm, he ends up being tasked with the job of rehabilitating five other problematic demons that each have their own specific quirks… and they all seem to want to jump his bones, in the process. 

“Who knew that this would be the start of everything? Or something or other.”

What’s your favorite part(s) of the game?

The common route shined brightly during my testing. The comedy was spot on, the characters were all unique and stood out, and the dynamics between the cast were really enjoyable to read. The common route did an awesome job of showcasing all of this, and each girl got their own time to shine. In particular, any of the segments with the animal cohorts were pretty funny. In addition, VA work was absolutely stellar across the entire cast. The lines feel extremely in-character and fitting, and the acting is REALLY funny when it wants to be… and really exciting when it’s trying for that, too.

“Just thinking about it makes me a little wet… Ehehe…! ♪”

What’s your favorite aspects of this game?

My favorite aspect was definitely the cast of characters. They were dynamic, funny, and each brought something unique to the table. To go with the characters, the art is BEAUTIFUL. Sayori’s art REALLY shines in this VN. She gets the chance to draw so many types of characters in this VN, and as usual, her style makes everything look amazing. The music also fit the scenes very well. The tracks were catchy and fun, so they stuck with me for days afterwards. I also greatly enjoyed the individual character routes, since the characters all got some sort of visible development that matched their individual problems. Their relationships with the main character felt very natural, and all of their individual interactions were genuinely funny and heartwarming.

“If you show an opening, it’s your fault, okay, Onii-chan? ♪”

What was the best aspect of the game as an 18+ title? 

The sex scenes were all extremely unusual for an 18+ title. I hit on a lot of unique situations or positions that I don’t usually see in eroge, and it was definitely refreshing to read. It ignored a lot of the more common things types of sex scenes that you’d see over and over and over in most eroge. There’s a ton of nice fetishes that get touched on. Hell, even the common route has a non-penetrative scene with every main girl to introduce them in some way. Some of those were solely focused on the girl, too (oral, fingering), which is super uncommon. It was nice that we got to see some semblance of foreplay and non-penetrative acts leading up to actual sex, especially when we have entire scenes dedicated to it before they ever get to penetrative sex. To make all of this better, the art is absolutely amazing. Sayori doesn’t disappoint, so the unique sex scenes and enjoyable cast really shine with her art. There’s a ton of scenes for every girl (between 6-8 per character), and none of them felt redundant or similar at all. Even better, they really helped to show how the relationship was growing in each instance, which is pretty rare for something as sex-focused as this. It’s great to see characters growing closer and learning more about one-another as they bumble through the bumps of a budding relationship. The scenes really help flesh the story out instead of ONLY acting as sexual entertainment.

“You bought this on a whim…? You’re such a pervert, you know that?”

As an adult game, what parts of it would you recommend to a user who normally does not play adult games?

The charm of this game lies in its cast. I came in expecting a nukige, but the sex scenes ended up being quicker than expected and to the point (especially in the ones during the common route). Even once you got into the individual character route, they never truly felt like… sex just for the sake of sex? At least in the parts I read, the MC is constantly helping the girls to overcome their issues, and sex is a tool to help assist with that. There’s a lot of character growth and changes that take place over the course of the game, and a lot of that stems from the sex scenes that happen. It’s nice to see characters that stay consistent with their personality when sex scenes begin, and it’s even more amazing that we get actual plot and growth from sex scenes as well. Come in for the art, stay for the funny and lovable characters.

“Today, please let me serve you.”

That’s all for this blog~ You can preorder your digital copy of The Ditzy Demons Are In Love With Me here! Release date is this Oct. 26th!