Denpasoft’s Back!

Published: September 23, 2020

Hello and welcome back.

After our sudden removal from our previous provider we’re now back running on a self hosted and managed system. We’re aware there’s some issues with the site and have prepared a list of workarounds.

  • Can’t buy anything!
    • This is on purpose as we will be testing payment services in the morning. It is currently 09/23/2020 – 10:00pm here and we’ve been working nonstop since 09/18/2020 to get this far! We figured people want to get access to their downloads ASAP.
    • Payments are now enabled, email us if you’re having issues!
  • How do I login?
    • Easy! First you’ll need to reset your password in the login screen. After resetting your password you can login with your email.
  • Where’s my downloads?
    • After logging in you should see them under “My Account”
  • The site is ugly and missing things
    • Yup we’re aware, again we rushed to get to this point so people can access their downloads
    • It should look lot better now, let us know what you think!
  • Downloads are slow!!!!
    • We had a configuration issue when we launched yesterday. It should be fixed now, if you’re still having issues please email us so we can see what is happening.
  • What’s with the funky filenames on my downloads?
    • We did not have time to redesign our previous download system. We plan to address this in the future. For now you’ll have to rename your files to match the filenames shown on the downloads page.
    • This still is a issue but we plan to resolve it soon.
  • Why do I have so many points again?
    • We were able to credit all purchases but we were not able to remove usage of them from the previous platform as they did not allow exporting of that data. So we decided to cap max discounts to be 10% of total order value.
  • I have a issue not listed here?