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Anime Expo 2019 Announcements!

We’re excited to let you know more about what we announced at Anime Expo! Let’s get started with that now!

New Announcements!

Title: 9-nine- Episode 3
Developer: PALETTE

First up we have 9-nine- Episode 3! Translation and editing are planned to start soon. And here’s a small update for Episode 2: We’re still in the process of QAing and bug fixing. Once that’s done you’ll be able to play Episode 2 very soon! 

Shiromitsugawa City: an academic city with no other particular features.

A large earthquake hits the city, damaging the sacred treasure in the Hakuda Tsukumo Shrine, and causing strange items appear from a parallel world. These “artifacts” grant strange powers to their owners, with incidents of an owner abusing their powers and turning people into stone.

Having learned of the item that causes this petrification, the “Evil Eye Artifact”, Niimi Kakeru teams up with his classmate, Kujou Miyako, and his sister, Niimi Sora, to investigate and put a stop to the culprit.

During the investigation, they find themselves at odds with “Rig Veda”, an organization of artifact users. Among their members, they spot their upperclassman in school, Kosaka Haruka.

9-nine-: Episode 3 is the latest chapter in this series of supernatural mystery visual novels with the focus now shifted towards a new heroine, Kosaka Haruka.


  • EN/JP/CN language options 
  • With mosaic
  • Animated erotic scenes
  • Focused around the character Haruka

Title: Amatsutsumi
Developer: Purple Software

Our next announcement is Amatsutsumi! We’re pleased to be working with Purple Software again to bring you this amazing title. We’re currently still in the translation and editing stage for this one!

Our hero, Makoto, possesses the power of “kotodama” which allows one to control people with the power of one’s voice.

Having an interest in the outside world, he leaves the hidden village he has lived in all his life. However, he found himself woefully unprepared and collapses on the side of the road in a small town almost as remote as his village. Just as he’s resigned himself to death, he’s saved by Oribe Kokoro, a girl whose family runs a cafe in that town.

Using his kotodama powers, Makoto becomes a part of the Oribe family and begins attending school with Kokoro. He soon meets several girls who each have their own special circumstances.  Will Makoto be able to use kotodama to help these girls? And what is the true nature of kotodama?

This is a story of the words that weave the ties that bind…


  • EN language 
  • Uncensored/No mosaic
  • Gorgeous art from Koku and Tsukimori Hiro the artists of ChronoClock

Title: Magical Girl Alisa’s Quest
Developer: ShiroKuro Soft

And we’re not stopping there! Our next title is called Magical Girl Alisa’s Quest! This is an RPGMaker game from the developer ShiroKuroSoft. 

Brau Village was a small village where people lived simple lives in harmony with nature. It is there that the Five Spirit Jewels were enshrined. Each jewel housed a spirit that controlled a particular element. However one day, bandits stole these jewels which have caused these spirits to scatter and will spell doom for the residents of Brau Village.

It’s up to Alisa, a mage in training to journey from her small village and retrieve these jewels. This journey will also serve as training for her to become a full-fledged mage. Will she fulfill her duty and return the jewels? Or will she give in to the depravity and corruption that awaits her?


  • EN language
  • Uncensored/No mosaic

Title: Kanojo no Seiiki
Developer: feng

Still a few more titles to go, so here’s the next one! This is Kanojo no Seiiki from the developer feng! This is just one of our new partner announcements and we’re super excited to be working with them! 

While on a train the protagonist was mistaken as a train molester. Even though it was a misunderstanding in order to get out of trouble he was forced to become your childhood friend’s butler.


  • EN language
  • With mosaic
  • Adorable character and cg art by Ryouka

Title: Love’s Sweet Garnish 2
Developer: Canvas + Garden

If you liked Love’s Sweet Garnish then you’ll be pleased to know that the translation for Love’s Sweet Garnish 2 has started! This one features routes for the other two heroines Ciel and Koron as well as gives some love to Richer and Rira. 

Months after the reopening of the cafe, Milk Hall Caramella, the season now shifts to summer. It is a time that is much loved by the people who live in this town. Thanks to promotion from magazines and television, the cafe becomes very popular.

With a need for more staff, soon underclassmen Ciel and Koron have come to help out at Caramella as well.

With everything going on, our hero Asaki’s grandmother gradually becomes well again and is able to visit the cafe after it’s reopening. She is deeply moved by the bustling business inside the cafe. It’s at that moment that she approaches Asaki to not simply continue to run the cafe for her but to formally have him be the successor to the cafe.

No longer unsure of what to do, Asaki is steadfast in his goal to protect Caramella.


  • EN/JP/CN language options
  • With mosaic
  • Art by Naco and Miyu

Title: NEKOPARA Vol. 4
Developer: NEKO WORKs

Look forward to more from the NEKOPARA series in NEKOPARA Vol.4! We’ll have a description to share later!


  • EN/JP/CN language options
  • With mosaic
  • Art by Sayori

Title: The Seventh Sign -Mr.Sister-
Developer: Sweet&Tea

More from the developer Sweet&Tea comes a title called The Seventh Sign -Mr.Sister-! The translation is at 70% and editing is at 70%! After that we’ll be waiting for a build from the developer! We also just recently announced their other game How to Raise a Wolf Girl and that one is progressing smoothly in QA!

“Good morning, Big sis!”

Vividly blonde hair and cat ears – – the beloved half-sister, Aoba Erika, once again visits the room of Reiji – – her male sister.

Yes, male.

Reiji is her older brother, unquestionably a man, but he is also her older sister. And her cat ears are indeed the genuine article — ones that appear and disappear thanks to a certain impetus, and can’t be taken off. There are certain, complicated circumstances that led to this, but Reiji himself has accepted it. He neither corrects her, nor does he speak effeminately, as he continues his life.

Regardless, this isn’t exactly the daily routine of the Aoba household. Obviously a sister should refer to her brother as a brother, and her cat ears shouldn’t even exist.

It all started when a cat-eared girl named Fuuko saved Reiji’s life. She claimed that she was a god and that three fragments of her divine powers are trapped inside him. As it turns out, those fragments are not a good thing to be inside ordinary humans and unless they get those fragments out of him and back into Fuuko, they’re both doomed to die.

It’s a life-or-death race against the clock for Reiji and Fuuko! And maybe after this is resolved maybe he can figure out what’s going on with Erika as well.


  • EN/JP/CN language options
  • With mosaic
  • Art by Suimya

Title: SF, Glass, New Glass
Developer: t japan

Denpasoft is proud to be working with t japan and bringing in all 3 of their 3DCG animated games over to the west!

SF: All the sudden my childhood friend became a slut. Now she wants to have sex with me?

Glass: The class president wanted to talk to me privately but all the sudden wanted me to accept a unknown challenge? I reluctantly accepted but then it was something unexpected…

New Glass: Half a year has passed since Glass, we’re now studying for the university exam. What other challenges are coming next?


  • EN/CN language
  • Still confirming mosaic/no mosaic with dev
  • 3D models

Title: The Ditzy Demons Are in Love With Me Fan Disc
Developer: SMILE

Those ditzy demons are back once again in the fan disc for The Ditzy Demons Are in Love With Me. The fan disc contains a series of after stories featuring all the lovable heroines from the original game. What kind of antics will Riria and the rest of these ditzy demons get into?

The Ditzy Demons Are in Love With Me – Fan Disc once again features the beautiful designs of character designer, Sayori, famous for work on the NEKOPARA franchise. Please note that while the base game is not required to play the Fan Disc, it is recommended to have played the base game before playing the Fan Disc to avoid spoilers.


  • EN/JP/CN language options
  • With mosaic
  • More routes and stories for ALL the characters!!

Title: The Secret Atelier
Developer: KENZsoft

With all the success of the Super Naughty Maid series we’re extremely excited to bring you more of KENZsoft’s work starting with his newest game called The Secret Atelier! This one is still in development so hopefully we’ll have more news to share with you soon!  


  • EN language
  • Uncensored/No mosaic
  • 3D models

Title: Victory Project
Developer: 33paradox

And our last new visual novel announcement is for a Chinese visual novel called Victory Project! Victory Project is the first title by developer 33paradox and is a visual novel with puzzle game elements. This title is slated for release on a GOG, Nutaku, Sekai Project, and Denpasoft. This title is also non adult.

Ramon was serving a life sentence for helping politicians to launder money. After spending two years in jail however, an amnesty provides a new opportunity for him to lift him from his despair.

He is sent to Hive Island to work as a volunteer but rather than expecting further imprisonment or hard labor, he is surrounded by beautiful girls! However behind that peaceful life was a conspiracy. One that will pull him and his love from their peaceful existence down a far more sinister one.


  • EN/CN language
  • Non adult

Localized Ero Doujin Announcements!

Launching soon, we’re now translating doujins from selected artists and releasing them digitally!

Our first artist that we’ll be working with is Rubi-sama. These doujins are full color and fully uncensored/no black bars/no mosaics. 

Hime is a super famous cosplayer that made her debut a few years ago as a freshman in “college.” She got hooked on the attention and gradually climbed up the rankings to become number one in the cosplayer circuit. But ever since a year ago, a new cosplayer has started to gradually steal the rankings from her and now she’s starting to Fade into obscurity.

In order to support her little sister and single mother, Nanase-san takes a new job as a part-time maid. She’s still learning the ropes, but her first client is more than willing to give her some hands-on training.

New Store Partnership!

We’re now working with Panty Press to bring their visual novel releases to our website! You can also expect their upcoming games to come to our site as well! Keep an eye out for more details on those as they get closer to release!

Project Updates!

Sorry to keep you all waiting, but we have some status updates on our project that we’d like to share with you today! Updates listed in no particular order.

  • I Walk Among Zombies Vol.2: Translation & Editing at 100%! Engine work in progress.
  • The Witch’s Love Diary: Planning release date. Price: $29.99 w/FREE 18+ DLC for Steam users on our site
  • How to Raise a Wolf Girl: QA started.
  • NEKO-NIN exHeart 3: Waiting on a build from the developer.
  • Harumade, Kururu: Waiting on Chinese translation and a build from the developer.
  • Ley-Line series: Planned to finish in 2019.
  • Nanairo Reincarnation: Aiming for July/August release. Waiting on a final build.

Planned Updates

One last thing… We’re working on a brand new download system! This means you will be able to go into your account, click your order number, and then download your previous purchases with ease! You still will receive download information links in emails, but like we said before you will be able to easily look at our website to download your games! No more download limits as well! We’re currently internally testing this feature so please keep an eye out for more news soon. We’re also working on adding a game project tracker page to our website! That will most likely be coming soon~

That’s all for now! We hope you enjoyed our announcements and we hope to see you at the next con whatever con that may be!