Animal Trail ☆ Girlish Square LOVE+PLUS Out Now!

Published: November 13, 2023

The girls of Animal Trail ☆ Girlish Square are back in Animal Trail ☆ Girlish Square LOVE+PLUS! This fan disc features stories focusing on Haneru and Tetora. Find out what lewd antics will Taiga get in to with these idols this time around!

Please Note: While this is a standalone release and does not require the installation of Animal Trail ☆ Girlish Square, it is recommended to play through it first before starting.


Idol otaku, Nakamori Taiga and the girls of idol group Animal Trail ☆ Girlish Square are back in this series of side stories featuring Haneru and Tetora!

Haneru Route

In search of another way to promote the group, Haneru turns to streaming old games and somehow it actually proved to be a success? Of course she’s doing It for the views (and the fans) but one thing leads to another during a “study” session on old games that Taiga lends to Haneru.

Tetora Route

The seed of understanding her role as an idol begins to sprout within Tetora. She gets both excited and nervous at the prospect of practicing “stage chatter” with Taiga. Taken by surprise with this request, Taiga does what he can to help her out. That resting Tetora face says otherwise though. What will our hero do to smoothly get her talking and smiling for everyone…?


  • Beautiful art by Shiromochi Sakura
  • Magical girl idols with animal ears
  • Fun and engaging story by Oumiya Yuu (NEKO-NIN, DraPri)
  • Full Japanese voice acting (excluding the MC)
  • Kinetic visual novel, there is only a single ending
  • Gallery to revisit favorite CGs and listen to your favorite in game music tracks
  • Ability to favorite specific voice lines

Normal idol activities

Animal Trail ☆ Girlish Square LOVE+PLUS
Developer: Whirlpool
Price: $4.99
Release Date: November 17th, 2023